Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swimming Lessons

During the month of July, Xander and Cade took swimming lessons at Viquest. This was a birthday gift from Uncle Josh, Aunt Sara, Uncle Vincent and Aunt Char. I had several things I wanted the boys to accomplish during this month of lessons. Cade has literally been petrified of the water since he was very little. Most times, he hovers on the steps of the pool and clings to whoever can pry him away from the side and into the water. I wanted him to become more comfortable with the water, and to be able to wear a float and maneuver himself across the pool. Xander was comfortable in the water; however, I hoped that he would be able to learn how to swim well enough to go into the deep end by himself and to learn the proper technique for swimming.
The first two lessons for them both did not show much improvement; in fact, Cade had a complete meltdown during the second! Frustrated with the lack of success so far (I know, I had some unrealistic expectations), I sat down and talked with them both, encouraging them...okay, I bribed them. Don't judge me. It worked. I told them that if Cade didn't scream and Xander listened better (instead of thinking he knows it all), we would stop at McDonald's for a milkshake. BINGO! Jackpot! They took off; and from that point on, it was smoothe sailing! Cade was swimming with the "noodle" all over the pool, and Xander was swimming like a fish! Every mother there has said that they were the most amazing transformation from the first lesson until now!
This is their last week of lessons, and I must say that I am completely satisfied with all that they accomplished!

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Just Jumpin said...

CONGRATS!!! We plan to put NCJ in lessons next summer, although if she could just figure it out right now, she would be more than happy to swim all over the pool!

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