Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adjusting to life with three boys! (well...actually four!)

Well, it has been four weeks and two days since Hayes was born, and let's just say that life is definitely different around here! I guess the best, and most OBVIOUS, way to describe it would be to say that it is "more involved"! That is putting it mildly, for sure! The boys have adjusted quite well to their little brother, much to my surprise! I wasn't as concerned about Xander, because he has been through this before when Cade was born. Although that was four years ago, it still allowed him to have more of an idea of what to expect. Cade, on the other hand, had NO idea what to expect; and at times, I wondered if he understood that we were going to be bringing a "baby" home and not a pet! However, I should have given him more credit. He has just jumped right in and become quite the big brother! In fact, just a few days ago, he asked when we were going to have another baby and what we were going to name it! I told him to slow down and enjoy the one he has! :)
Shane is adjusting pretty well to having a third child around the house...and why shouldn't he?!? He gets to sleep at night! No, I do understand he has to get up and go to work in the morning, so I don't mind making that sacrifice for him to get a decent night's sleep. Not to mention the fact that I would fear for my child's life if it were up to "the walking dead" to feed him in the middle of the night! Fortunately, Shane has taken the spring season off from coaching, so that has allowed him a little more time at home to help referee our bunch!
I'm still on maternity leave and will continue to stay home until I teach summer school during the month of July. I have thoroughly enjoyed being home with Hayes and spending some quality one-on-one time with him while Xander is in school and Cade is still going to the babysitter's. At the moment, I'm pretty much functioning on high-octane caffeine to get me through the days. Xander and Cade have been taking turns waking up sick- Cade with the worst case of croup he's had in a long time, and Xander with horrible allergies and a persistent cough. Then just about the time I'm able to get them settled down and back to sleep, Hayes wakes up to eat! It's an on-going cycle that I'm hoping will break soon! However, I have to admit that my quiet time with my boys in the middle of the night, while irritating that first moment when I'm forced to open my eyes, end up being some of the sweetest moments together. 20 years from now, I know that those will be the memories I will cherish and revisit the most!
And lastly, the one who has adjusted with the most ease is Hayes! He just slid right in effortlessly, as if he'd always been here! I'm not sure if it's being the third child, or if it's just his's probably a little of both...but he is such a content baby! He sleeps all but a couple of hours a day; and even when he's awake, he's perfectly happy to sit in his bouncy seat and watch whatever is going on around him. His older brothers provide him with ample entertainment; however, even when they are gone during the day, he simply looks around at the colors and lights around him not making a peep. I know this comes as a surprise, but Xander and Cade were never that...calm. Even as infants. Shocking, I know, but it's true. Anyway, there's plenty of time for Hayes to learn all of the most important wrestling moves (that is, if he plans on surviving his older brothers); but until then, he is content to watch and take notes.
Well, that wraps it up for this post. Please, don't worry...not all posts will be this lengthy. I'm sure there will be plenty of times when all I have time for is a quick "Hey, we are still alive!" We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the onset of spring! Please let us know if you have a family blog or website that we can visit from time to time to find out what you and your families are up to!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jaxson "Hayes" Golden made his appearance Tuesday night, March 18th, at 8:30pm. He was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long. Like Cade, Hayes was born at 35 weeks. After my short stay in the hospital the week before, the doctor scheduled an amniosenteces for Tuesday to see if his lungs were developed enough to deliver (since it was obvious from the increase in the intensity and frequency of the contractions that he was on his way). The amnio went well; however, once the procedure was completed, I began having extremely intense and painful contractions. The doctor hooked me up to a monitor to see if they would ease after awhile; but when she saw that they were only getting worse, she sent me over to labor and delivery to be monitored more while we waited for the results of the amnio. Once at L/D, it became evident that the contractions were not going away. I couldn't even tell when one ended and another began. We arrived at the hospital at 2:00pm and by 6:30, we had gotten the amnio results telling us the lungs were mature. By 8:30, Hayes was born by c-section. The doctor was amazed that the amnio had come back so quickly, but the Lord had just been at work all day long. I was praying that I would get this doctor, but it started out looking like I wouldn't be able to get her. He worked it out for her to do the amnio and the delivery! Not to mention the fact that my mom was able to be here on her spring break, and Shane's mom had not yet left for her trip to Ohio which was to take place during her spring break the next week! It was obvious His hand was in it all! Once Hayes was delivered (with a FULL head of hair!! :) they thought he would be fine to go to the nursery, but it became evident that he was retracting quite a bit and would need to spend the night in the NICU to transition better. After 24 hours in the NICU, he wasn't doing any better and was actually doing a bit worse. He was on the C-pap for several days; then after a bad night, he was put on the breathing machine for a couple of days (this is what he is on in the picture). After several days on the breathing machine, to my surprise and delight, I arrived in the morning to find that they had been able to remove him from the breathing machine! It was like graduation! :) Also after being on the feeding tube for a couple of days, they allowed me to feed him, and he did extremely well! Fortunately, after 9 days in the NICU, Hayes was released to come home with us! We were pleasantly surprised that it was sooner than we expected! Wednesday morning, I went in to feed Hayes at the NICU and found that they had taken his nose canula off! After speaking with the nurse, she informed me that he had done extremely well since taking him off of it and that they would like for me to stay the night in one of the NICU family overnight rooms to see how Hayes did with feeding throughout the night. I have been so impressed with the care this NICU has taken with Hayes and with the support they offer the parents! So I stayed the night in the overnight room with Hayes, and he did a wonderful job with his feedings! Thursday morning, the doctor told us that he would be circumcised that morning and would then be able to go home with us after they made sure there were no complications with his circumcision. We were ecstatic! It was a long, drawn-out process (as you probably know how slow hospitals can be! :), but we were finally able to leave with Hayes mid-afternoon! I just can't thank the Lord enough for all He has done for us throughout this whole situation! Our NICU experience this time (as opposed to Cade's NICU experience in Ohio) was so much better than last in every way! The facilities, doctors, nurses, and support were outstanding and helped to give us more confidence in taking him home. We also can't thank Him enough for the friends and family that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us with anything and everything that needed to be done! Above all else, we just can't thank Him enough for the wonderful little boy He has allowed us to bring into this world! Xander and Cade are thrilled beyond belief with their little brother and have been right there willing to help me with anything I may need since coming home! (Sometimes a little TOO helpful! :) Our first week home has gone extremely well, and we are just so happy to all be together finally! Hayes visited the doctor yesterday, and Dr. Holbrook was very pleased with his progress!!! Upon leaving the hospital, Hayes weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz; and now a week later he has gained just over a pound! He currently weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz.!!! We are thrilled at his progress and continue to thank God for his blessings! Thank you again for your love, prayers, and support! We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family like each and every one of you! Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and we will continue to update you on Hayes' progress!

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