Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hayes is Six Months Old!

I can hardly believe that my baby is 6 months old already! It seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital after my amniocentesis sent me into labor five weeks early. With each child, I seem to lament the onset of each stage and the absence of the last more and more; and as exciting as it is to see them grow and develop, I can't help but somewhat miss their sole dependence upon me. Maybe I feel it more with Hayes, because I don't know for sure if he will be our last; but whatever the case may be, I definitely am not in a hurry for him to grow up on me!
When we went to the doctor, we were pleased to see that he is growing and progressing just fine. Weighing in at 17 lbs., Hayes is right on target in the 50 percentile; and one would never know that he is quite the picky eater! It's not so much WHAT he eats as it is from whom he eats it! Developmentally, he is a little behind, but that is to be expected. Absolutely detesting "tummy-time," Hayes only began rolling over from front to back in the last month and has yet to go from back to front. I'm sure he's looking at me like, "If I hate being on my tummy so much, then why prey tell would I WANT to roll onto my TUMMY?!"

Above: First, we have Hayes sitting in the Bumbo, practicing sitting up like a big boy!

Second, we have Cade playing the favorite game of "peekaboo." Hayes thinks he's absolutely hysterical, and Cade loves that Hayes finally thinks he's funny! (being funny is HIGHLY important to Cade!)

Above: First, Hayes is learning how to eat his fruits and veggies, obviously LOVING them!

Second, Hayes with his Santa jammies (yes, I's a little early) and Xander with his patch and pirate jammies. Xander has to wear a patch for two hours every day, because he needs to strengthen his left "weak" eye.

Our precious boys

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