Saturday, June 28, 2008

New milestones...

Although smiling is not a new "trick" for Hayes, LAUGHING is! This week we were thrilled to be able to tickle a giggle out of him; and now it has become a personal goal for each of us to be the one who can get him to laugh the fastest! So far Shane is the which I insist he simply MUST be the funniest to look at! Then we have Cade who insists that Hayes does NOT find him funny, which is very interesting to me because I don't know of ONE person who DOESN'T think Cade is hilarious! (and that's without him even opening his mouth!) Anyway, it has opened a whole new level of rivalry in this house of testosterone in which EVERYTHING (and I DO mean EVERYTHING- including seeing who can pee the longest, farthest, and fastest!- and in that I exclude myself, of course!) is a competition!

1 comment:

Sara said...

Aww, those boys are so cute. Oh, the competition we will have to endure...

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